K.C. Custom Scrimshaw
" The Gun Show Girl "

Custom Gun Grips, Custom Knives, Pendants, Guitar Picks, and more!  Scrimshaw by KC
More Items Coming Soon!

GUN SHOWS I will be attending :
  East Peoria Convention Center Feb. 2nd & 3rd  

I Hope to see you there!

Custom Scrimshaw Available Upon Request
Now accepting Paypal, Debit Cards, & Credit Cards!
Pick from my Pieces waiting to be scrimshawed
or provide your own piece to have done.
E-mail me KC@GUNSHOWGIRL.COMto Request a Quote 

About me:
My name is Kasey Kensinger, I have lived in Central Illinois my entire life. My Father and I have been going to Gun Shows since I was about five years old. I can remember spending the entire weekend set up at Princeton, Peoria, etc. Those times, just my Dad and I, were very special. We always had a great time and still do . My father and I still are going to gun shows along with my mother. Not much has changed, we still have a great time. 
        How I learned about Scrimshaw:
    My father has a couple of friends that make custom knives and guns. One day while my Dad and I were doing some target shooting one of them stopped by. He had brought one of his custom knives that he, himself, had scrimshawed.
I was intrigued. He told me that it was not as easy as it may look and chuckled when I said I thought I could do it, that’s all it took.
He supplied me with a few ivory piano keys, some ink, and a sewing needle.
By the next time he came over I had scrimshawed a buck on that piano key.
He was amazed and I have been scrimshawing ever since.
(I was about 12 years old).


I do have Genuine Ivory Pendants and Poker Chips waiting to be Scrimshawed!
I will be doing some to add to my For Sale Pages soon, but you can always order a Custom Piece!
(Contact Me to Find out the Waiting Period )
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Make Your Gift Unforgettable!

K.C. Custom Scrimshaw
406 N. Western Ave.
P.O. Box 62
Minier, IL. 61759
(309) 840-4869


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